AW17 Fashion Trends

16/ 03/ 2017

We saw a lot of great trends during Fashion Week this year. While SS17 is in full swing and fall might be far off, we cannot wait for what AW17 has to bring!

The trends were varied and versatile on the catwalk but there were 7 that stood out the most:



Versarce AW17 mesh and sequins
Versarce AW17

This delicate fabric will be making a comeback in a big way. Unlike the traditional metallics and lace we see every fall, mesh will be taking parts of both. Garments made out of metallic and sequin mesh graced the runway, making quite a glamourous statement. This fabric will sure be one to look out for when it comes to party season!



Saint Laurent AW17 soft leather
Saint Laurent AW17

Unlike the traditional ‘biker’ attire, leather will be seen in a more fashionable and wearable tradition. Giving outfits a more feminine look, soft leather garments will come in the form of dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets. This season tough is out and is being replaced by a more fashionable approach.



Louis Vuitton AW17 liquid satin
Louis Vuitton AW17

Each season comes out with a key piece that is going to be a hit for that season, and this year the garment that rocked the runways the most was liquid satin. Satin covering all types of style and colours strutted down the runways proving this is going to be one major hit for AW17. And what better way to dress for seasonal parties than with a touch of luxury and glamour.



Isabel Marant AW17
Isabel Marant AW17

Garments taking on a more masculine feel has been seen walking up and down headlining key fashion shows. In the shape of blazers, trousers to more suiting attire, we’ll be seeing pronounced shoulders, double brested cuts and elegantly pressed trousers. Gone are the days of boring frumpy suits, this season will mean business and not just in the workplace.



Valentino AW17 pleats
Valentino AW17

Adding a twist to traditional clothing, pleats will mix it up giving draping apparel a touch of elegance and intrigue. Just like on the runways, this trend will be floating its way into stores in the form of dresses and skirts.



Alexander Wang AW17
Alexander Wang AW17

 We saw a big comeback for checks and ginghams for SS17 but it isn’t over yet! Checks will still be an even bigger trend for AW17 but varied in colours and texture. Tartans in particular will be a big hit, making its way in to stores as dresses, trousers coats and blazers.



Coach 1941 AW17 quilted
Coach 1941 AW17

Unlike traditional puffas, we will be seeing quilted coats and jackets during the colder months. Designers incorporated all forms of colour and prints, even wearable quilted duvert cover coats forgoing the traditional darker shades that can usually be seen in this style. This year for AW17 coat trend, it’s go big or go home!


There might still be a while to go until fall fashion will hit the stores but we’re already on the lookout for what we can get our hands on! Bring on AW17!











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