Lab Dips 

GNK can lab-dip any colour on any fabric base, whether it be from Pantone references, through fabric cuttings or even a clipping from a magazine. Just post, email or send your requirements through our online service and we shall endeavour to turn it around in 7-10 days.


We import and stock a huge variety of fabrics differing in weight and finish, direct into the UK. We maintain an extensive set of colours on all basic items specialising in polyester woven cloths, with specific attention to plain blouse and dress weight fabrics for the fashion industry. A specialist samples department keeps track of all samples requests, which are dispatched on a next day basis. Additionally, for registered customers we provide free sampling on all of forward ranges which are offered in trend or sales meetings.  Please contact or use our online service to either request direct sample lengths from a range of colours or a set of swatch cards of our main qualities.


We offer a full print solution for all our premium customers. Our in-house studio can prepare the prints for you or we can work with artwork supplied and convert it to be suitable for industrial printing. A fabric strike off is provided to show the colour and the look of the design on the approved base. A digital length showing the full repeat of the print will also be provided in most cases free of charge, so our customer can see the overall look and feel of the design in the pattern they have planned. We print on Woven or Knitted fabrics made of 100% Polyester or Viscose and mixtures there of, with elastane, cotton, modal and viscose. Printing techniques used include rotary, screen, disperse, reactive and digital.

Fabric Sourcing 

If you require a particular type of fabric which you have been unable to locate, send us the details of the composition, weight, finish, handle and let our team of specialists do the work for you. Chances are that we already have something that will fit the bill in our extensive library.

Forecasting & Trend Analysis

Every season GNK scour the world for new trends, fabrics and fashion fads, leading us having an extensive range of fabrics for forward development. It’s vital to keep looking at things with fresh eyes and open minds, as this refreshes our outlook and creativity. Each season our new collections offer rich discoveries and textile diversity which reflect the fast moving world of British fashion. The London fashion scene places emphasis on originality, with creative ideas drawn from a spectrum of the UK’s traditional heritage to the new chic, modern and unconventional. Thereby dissolving boundaries and offering limitless fabric design possibilities. If you are interested in seeing these seasonal ranges, then please contact us and arrange for one of our reps to come and visit you with the cloths you requested.

UK Nationwide Delivery 

We have our own delivery vehicles to accomodate your delivery location and any specific requirements you may need. We shall work with you to ensure your deliveries are on time and slip into your supply chain or critical path with as minimum hassle as possible.

Worldwide Shipping

If your factories are located in different countries GNK can offer you the fabric direct to your factory without the necessity of transhipment through the UK. Working alongside our freight and forwarding partners, we can offer you a service such that you know where your fabric is at any time and all necessary customs and excise paperwork are handled through them. GNK are partnered up with China Transport, Velta International and Denholm Global Logistics, these 3 partners handle all our shipments worldwide, all documentation, manifests and schedules are prepared in house by us and passed on to the customers’ factories with a minimum of fuss. Our partners retain agents in 147 countries and your factory will always have a local point of contact in order to gain possession of the shipped goods.